*How do I get started?*

Click this link , then fill out the application form. Then schedule a pickup from our site.

*Do I need to be at home for the pickup or delivery?*

No. Most of our customers are not around at time of pickup or delivery.

*How does the billing work?*

Your credit card on file will automatically be billed.

*How do I use coupons?*

Print them from our website and insert your coupon into your garment bag. We only accept one coupon per visit with incoming orders only and our coupons cannot be combined with the $10 off - first time customer discount.

*Is there an extra charge for this service?*

No, the pickup and delivery service is free; it is the same as going into a store accept the gas is on us.

*What type of bag do I use to put my clothes in for pick up? *

Your first pickup you can use any disposable bag. After your first order, we will provide you with two personalized Dashing Valet Delivery bags.

*What if I have a garment that needs an alteration?*

Note the repair you need, pin it to the garment and we will repair or alter the garment and deliver the item back to you within one to two weeks (approximately) depending on the complexity of the repair and our current work load.

*How do I inform you of a special instruction I may have?*

Just pin a note to your garment and our staff will do the rest!

*What happens if I'm going on vacation or do not need delivery for a specified period of time?*

E-mail us your schedule at info@dashingvalet.com or call us at 1-877-85-VALET before you go out of town.

*If I have a question, whom do I call?*

Call our Customer Service line at 1-877-85-VALET "Press 2"